When you think the roofer you hired does a good job, but the roofer doesn’t do a good job. That’s your fault for choosing the wrong roofer. Here are 5 mistakes people make when trying to pick a roofer.

1. Not Researching About the Roofer

When you don’t know much about the roofer you hired, it can cause many problems like the location of their office, what people said about them and more

You got to check their website and see what they are about in order to decide if you want them or not.  If you think they’re good, you have to check what other people think also because it’s not just your opinion, its everyone’s. Check the reviews from different websites to see if it is true if they are good or bad or OK.

Location can be an issue because if you don’t know where they live, you don’t know how long it will take them to get there. Make sure they have a physical office, instead of hiring a door to door roofer. Also, if you need to find their office, it is going to hard if you don’t research. You may have questions for them.

Research Roofer

2. Pricing

Pricing is an important factor in choosing the roofer you want. You may hire a low price roofer, but they have no experience. You don’ want that. You want the price for a good quality roofer, so you got to find your way to find an experienced roofer that matches your price limit. Also, pricing includes the labour and materials, maybe extra labour and materials. Ask questions about the pricing. In addition, it is important to weigh competing quotes against other roofing companies. You want good workmanship.


3. Didn’t Check for a Warranty

Let’s say that you don’t warranty that means it is going to cost to repair your roof. Make you ask if they have a warranty. When you have a warranty, it is a smart decision. Good roofers who do a good job will offer a warranty , so they can back it up and also give you advice on what to do. Ask the roofers about their warranty policy. They have different packages you can choose from or one package only.


4. Not Checking if They Are Licensed

When you go out looking for roofers, make sure they have licensed. Without licenses, they might not know what they are doing and you are just wasting your money. This is very important. Any roofer should be apart of a builders association. They should have general liability and a worker’s compensation  Ask to look at their certification. In addition, it might be fake, make sure you look carefully.

5. Not Asking About the Other Services They Do

Roofers might offer other services like a structural project in your home. They are not just roofers, they do other stuff too. This can help you save time because you built trust with the roofing company when they did your roofing. Maybe they can give a deal. Plus, it is going to a hassle finding other businesses to do the service you need. It would be nice to use the same company.


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