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The roof of a building is one of the most important elements of a new construction when it comes to building a new house. Qualified roofers will help to design, engineer and assemble durable and watertight roofing systems. The best time to involve roof experts is in the design phase when designers and the architectural team are developing a construction plan for the new building. During this phase we recommend arranging several meetings with the owner, architect and roofer to discuss the requirements, preferences and options for the new roof.

An architect designing in Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, for example, will need to consider factors associated with weather and temperature fluctuation: the expansion and contraction of building materials in extreme temperature variations, snow weight, ice dams, heavy rains and high winds.

Roofing experts will review the architectural drawings and construction specifications related to the installation of a new roof and provide expert advice on waterproofing, roofing materials and proper installation. Professional consultation at this point in the planning process will prevent the owner from future costly modifications in drawings or changes in the building process.

When all plans and designs are submitted and the actual construction process is about to begin, it is very important to conduct several quality-assurance inspections. The best time for the inspection is one at the beginning to make sure everything is off to a good start, one in the middle as a progress check, one towards the end and a final inspection upon completion of the roof installation work.

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