Skylights provide access to natural sunlight, ventilation and views and can create a brighter, more spacious feel in any room of the house.
They can provide solar heating in the winter by allowing the sun’s rays to pass through the glass providing additional light and heat.
Tubular skylights catch and amplify natural light and work well in homes that have unfinished attics as they can funnel the light into a room below the attic.

There are three main types of skylights:
Ventilating Skylights (Manual, Electric or Solar Powered)
Fixed skylights (Do not open)
Tubular skylights (Rigid or Flexible)

Skylights are usually plastic or glass and are available in several different shapes and sizes. They can be either deck mounted (sitting flush with the roof) or curb mounted (raised from the roof surface by a curb).

A skylight, whether deck or curb mounted, should be installed by a skilled and knowledgeable roofing professional to ensure that it is correctly placed, insulated and flashed and that the area around the skylight is properly shingled and finished.

A Quality Home professional will come out to your home to advise about the installation of a new skylight, or assess a problem with an existing skylight and provide honest and realistic advice, options and solutions.

A skylight which is leaking needs to be dealt with as soon as possible to reduce water damage to the home. We will find the source and cause of the leak and explain the needed repair. The skylight may need to be removed and installed again properly. The skylight flashing may need to be repaired and / or the weather seal replaced. We will remove the skylight, remove the surrounding shingles and reseal and replace the skylight, the surrounding roofing membrane and the shingles around the skylight. If a skylight and the roof around it are quite old and deteriorated, the most efficient option would be replacement of the skylight and repair of the roof around it.

Our roofing professionals will ensure that your skylight is repaired and installed properly to prevent any leaking issues in the future.

There are many types of skylights to choose from:

  • Fixed skylights
  • Operable skylights
  • UV protected skylights
  • Deck mounted or Curb mounted
  • Plastic or glass
  • Attached with blinds
  • And many more!

Skylights are also a financially savvy move to make. They dramatically decrease electricity bills due to the natural light replacing fluorescent lights. They also moderate temperature so the heat and AC bills would be a little lower. As the suns rays go through the glass, it heats up a chilly winter room and in the summer, you can open the skylight to get some fresh air circulating in the house. It’s a win-win! 

Also, apart from the weather, Skylights provide a better source of light for people who stay indoors for long periods of time. With even lighting, eye strain reduces. So for people who are staring at screens whether it is for work or playing video games, the natural light will help their eyes. 

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