Quality Home Remodeling can help you with any required structural modifications to create more space, make your living areas more functional and comfortable and increase the value of your property.

Structural remodeling could involve repairs, modification, removal or addition of load bearing elements like posts, beams, walls and foundations including: building a new roof or modifying an existing roof structure, installing skylights, removing walls to enlarge rooms or living spaces, adding rooms or storage spaces without building an addition as well as enlarging existing windows or adding more windows to a home.

Structural work is often done to bring a building up to local building standards and must conform to all local building codes. It is very important that any structural changes maintain or improve the building’s original structural integrity and great attention needs to be paid to making sure that any structural changes will not result in unwanted long term negative consequences such as roof or foundation damage which could then affect the walls, floors, doors and other structural elements of the building. Properly done structural changes can greatly improve a home’s strength, functionality, visual appearance, weather resistance and overall property value. In addition to making homes more spacious and visually appealing, structural repairs and modifications can improve the energy efficiency of a home and provide additional protection against weather and noise.

Quality Home Remodeling will take your remodeling project from architectural and engineering drawings, to securing permits, demolition, construction and full completion of the project.

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