Roof Ventilation

Proper ventilation is extremely important in prolonging the life of your roof and keeping your indoor temperatures properly balanced (warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer).

We make sure that:

  • The right type type of vent is used for the type of roof.
  • The correct number of vents are installed for the existing roof area.
  • The correct type and r-value of insulation is installed.

With poor ventilation, summer sunshine can cause a large build up of heat in the attic space and if not properly ventilated, this heat build up can migrate to the interior of the home as well as cause damage to the roof decking and shingles.

During winter months, warm moist air from the inside of the house, rises into the cold attic and the resulting condensation can cause several major problems: buckling of the wood roof decking and the shingles, rotting of the wood, and soaking the insulation which reduces its effectiveness and can cause the water to leak into the ceiling of the house.

Poor ventilation can also cause ice dam build up and water to back up under the roof shingles damaging the roof decking, the exterior and interior walls and interior ceilings of the home.

Effective and proper attic ventilation keeps attics cool during the summer months and reduces moisture build up to keep attics dry during the winter.

Proper ventilation ensures added all season comfort inside the house, protection against damage to roof materials and structure, extends the life of the roof and reduces energy consumption throughout the year by requiring less heating and cooling.

Our specialist at Quality Home is specifically trained in roof venting practices and will inspect your roof and attic ventilation any time during the year (summer or winter). He will determine your exact needs and install additional vents to ensure correct and effective ventilation for your attic and roof.

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