Best Roofing Contractors in Toronto

May 26, 2022

Top 10 Best Roofing Contractors in Toronto: Overview

How to select a roofing contractor in Toronto? When building your home, one can underestimate no stages, so choosing the best roofing companies in Toronto for performing your project is indeed one of the most important steps.

The durability of the building, comfort in the house, and other characteristics depend on it. The roof must be properly installed and maintained in good shape by periodically carrying out the necessary measures, so a reliable roofing contractor in Toronto is a guarantee your roof will last for years.

There are many people who call themselves experienced roofers but are actually not. Choosing the wrong person for performing such an important task can turn your life into a nightmare: a low-quality roof lowers the quality of life significantly.

Even the slightest mistake can negate all the efforts, so one should choose reliable roofing contractors in Toronto only to avoid problems in the future. It may be pretty challenging to choose the best roofing contractor in Toronto, so further in this article, you will find a list of trustworthy companies only.

Calculating the cost

Calculating the cost is not easy, especially if the roof has a complex shape. It is better to entrust the roof calculation to the best roofers in Toronto. It may cost you a penny, but only a well-made roof can provide reliable protection for the entire house. When creating a roof, specialists must do everything properly: that's why choosing a good roofing contractor in Toronto is so important.

A reliable contractor will help you with everything: choosing the roof to suit your needs, protecting your belongings, and further repairs (if needed). One must remember that solving some roofing problems can cost more than the cost of the entire work. So, it is better to choose the best roofing contractor in Toronto than look for cheaper services.

Common Problems One May Face

If an unreliable roofing contractor in Toronto was chosen, a client may face lots of problems with the roof.

First of all, the house freezing. Indeed, about a quarter of the heat loss goes through the roof. Therefore, if in the new winter season it became much colder in the house, the matter is most likely damage to the heat-insulating layer of the roof. Humidification of thermal insulation by only 5% reduces its heat-saving characteristics by half.

The second problem people frequently face is the collapse of roof structures or deformation of the roofing under the weight of snow. This problem most often occurs due to design errors and a small roof slope, as well as neglect of snow retention systems. The properly installed roof does not need to be cleared of snow at all, as it works as an additional heat-insulating layer.

The roof of any building must last at least twenty years. It will last forty to fifty years in good condition and with proper repairs. The exceptions are regions with poor climatic conditions and heavy snowfalls.

If you choose an inexperienced and unreliable company, be sure that your roof will leak twice a year, and you will have to pay for repairs. In about five years, you will have to replace it. It will cost you $22,000 while installing a high-quality roof that will last for more than 20 years costs $18,000. The choice is obvious, right?

Top 10 Best Roofing Contractors in Toronto

We have finally approached the most interesting question: what is the roofing contractor in Toronto I can trust? The list of the best roofing companies in Toronto includes several options.

Quality Home Roofing and Remodeling

This is indeed one of the best companies one can find on the market nowadays. Founded in 2001, Quality Home Roofing and Remodeling is focused on making people's lives better with the help of roofs!

Top professionals will take good care of your roof. The prices are pretty fair, and the selection of services offered is impressive (roof replacement, insulation, skylights, and much more). The company has the reputation of being one of the best roofers in Canada; this already tells a lot about the quality.

Cherry & Clark Roofing

This organization is a family-owned one. This means that guys put a soul into their work. More than fifty years of experience: can you imagine that? The distinctive feature of this company is proper aftercare. If you need repairs, they will help you. There is a service department ready to help customers solve any issues. It is one of the top roofing companies in Toronto that has been around for a while, so you have nothing to worry about.

Cadillacs Roofing

Led by Marcelo and Brian Espinoza (father and son), this is a team of professionals who like what they do. They can help you solve any problems with the roof: more than thirty years of experience make it easy for them. A distinctive feature of this roofing contractor in Toronto is that guys protect all your property carefully. They utilize tarps and plywood for this purpose.

Right Choice Roofing & Repair

This roofing contractor in Toronto is led by a local roofer. The company is fully licensed, offering standard services and repairs. The great thing is that these guys can do emergency repairs for you, so you won't have to wait for several weeks with a leaking roof. Experienced roofers from Right Choice Roofing &Repair impress customers with attention to detail.

Universal Roofs Toronto & GTA Roofing Services

With more than a decade of experience, this team has nothing impossible. Diverse solutions for your home or business will satisfy even the most demanding clients. You can choose from various services offered. These include roofing, repairing any damages, and more. Additional services like siding are also present.

Avenue Road Roofing

Any roofing needs, even the most complicated tasks - this roofing contractor in Toronto can do anything. This company will do its best to ensure you get what you've been looking for. Any budget, any house design - they know how to leave customers fully satisfied. Roof replacement, re-roofing, fixing repairs - this is not the full list of what they offer.

AZ Roofing

It is another reliable company that is definitely worth your attention. The experience of this company equals 65 years, making it one of the oldest and most experienced companies in this area. The list of services is also pretty good, including any repairings, simple installations, insulation, and much more.

Jimmy's Roofing

This company is not too experienced, but the highest quality made us include Jimmy's Roofing in this list. You can be sure the work will be performed excellently, and no part of your home will suffer. The organization offers installation, repairs, and more.

Quality Roofing Services

Another roofing contractor in Toronto that offers amazing services and reasonable prices is Quality Roofing Services. The prices are pretty reasonable, so everybody will find a solution to suit all needs. The workers are professional, and a good selection of services is offered, from installation to cleaning. If you choose this service, you will enjoy the attention to detail.

Coverall Roofing

What needs to be taken into account when choosing a roof? Indeed, atmosphere and weather are one of the most important factors. This company pays attention to them and helps customers choose the best. Moreover, the prices are pretty reasonable, and custom roofing is no more expensive than a standard one. If you are looking for an upgrade or eager to choose a completely new product, professionals will help you.

How to Сhoose Roofing Companies in Toronto?

It is better to turn to experienced companies and not to "craftsmen" who work for themselves. In case of violation of the conditions prescribed in the contract, a trustworthy organization can defend its interests in court. And when one hires an inexperienced person from an ad, it is extremely difficult to find this person after the work is completed.

When you first visit the office of a construction company, you need to familiarize yourself with the certificates and licenses. If the company is the official representative of manufacturers of high-quality materials, this is a good sign.

In this case, the materials can cost a little less than when buying in a store, and there will be no problems with the exchange and return, if necessary. In addition, manufacturers choose only trusted companies as partners. What else must one pay attention to when choosing professionals? Take a look.


You can ask a company for references from their previous clients. Those can tell you a lot about the performer of the work - it means that the company has nothing to hide, is truly proud of the work done, and cares about reputation. If there are no recommendations, ask what kind of roofs and where was installed by the company. Try to get the phone numbers of former clients. Call them and ask if they are satisfied with the work done. Better yet, go and see for yourself the results of the work.


If a company you have selected is a reliable one, you will see reviews on the home page of a website (sometimes in other sections). You can take a look at testimonials, but additional research will never be superfluous.


It is always better to choose a more experienced company. On a company’s website, you should be able to find a gallery of projects done, find out how long they lasted, details on complexity, etc. Less experienced options attract people with low prices, but nobody can tell what to expect afterward.


An experienced roofer must be able to present what they have already done. Ask the company's representative to show you some of the past projects: it will help a lot to understand who is who.


As you can see, there is nothing difficult in choosing a reliable contractor. Don’t be shy to ask a roofer anything you are interested in; ask to show what is already done, insist on signing a contract, and research on your own. If you follow our recommendations, you will not face any problems and enjoy your high-quality brand-new roof for years!