Top Roofing Companies in Mississauga [Update 2022]

April 07, 2022

Best Roofing Companies in Mississauga: Overview

Roofing is one of the essential stages in the construction of any building, regardless of its purpose. Roofing works are very important for shopping centers and industrial, public buildings, logistics centers, residential buildings.

With poor-quality roofing, there is a high probability of unreliability of the roof waterproofing, which means that water can get into the building, ruin repairs, and create discomfort for people, products, and goods located there.

Even though terms such as «rooftop» and «roof» are independent, many people believe that they are closely related to a single whole.

Nevertheless, the roof is a building envelope that performs such functions as load-bearing, hydro- and heat-insulating. In turn, the rooftop is the top cover of the roof, which protects against the penetration of atmospheric precipitation. It must have the properties of water resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, frost resistance, and strength.

Roofing works are construction services that are related to the installation of roofs, roof insulation, and roof repairs.

Roofing works involve solving a complex problem, which includes a set of the following activities:

  1. the creation of a supporting structure;

  2. protection from exposure to biological forms;

  3. fire protection;

  4. installation of windows and balconies;

  5. insulation and vapor barrier of the attic (if necessary);

  6. waterproofing;

  7. roof installation;

  8. installation of a drainage system.

If you decide to change your roof, or you are building a house and looking for good specialists in the field, we would like to assure you that you can easily find the Best Roofing companies Mississaugaa that will solve all your requirements.

There are a great number of the Best Roofing companies Mississauga. All roofing contractors face a strict review, which has everything from studying assessments, ratings, importance, history, objections, satisfaction, confidence, and cost to the available merit. You deserve only the best.

The business for the production or sale of roofing materials is promising in those regions where low-rise construction is most developed (for the most part, these are the suburbs of large cities and regions). The majority of roofing companies also provide roof installation services. In their assortment, in addition to the roof itself, there are also various types of insulation, timber, fittings, etc.

The particular advantage of this business is the relatively high entry cost of the ticket, and the main advantage of the roofing business is the ability to choose a size for any budget from a small store to a distribution center, from a roofing company to a production facility. As the volume of construction grows and the number of new residential buildings increases, the demand for roofing services in flat roofing companies Mississauga also increases.

For example, the top three business models for roofing companies are Quality Home Roofing, Toronto roof repairs Inc., Smart roofing, Inc.

How to choose the Best Roofing Company in Mississauga?

The roof is an important part of any building.

Some homeowners prefer to do their own roofing to save money. Most likely, you will come across several new terms, and you will not be able to understand what they mean: types of roofing materials, types of roofs, roofing repair tools, and repair methods. They are just some of the words and phrases you will come across.

All roofs are different. In addition, keep in mind that the shape of the roof is not only aesthetics but also has functionality in your home. We advise in such an important matter as the construction or repair of a roof to hiring experienced roofing experts. So if your roof is leaking or almost falling apart, do not panic. You just have to find reliable specialists.

Of course, discovering a skilled and experienced roofing company can be a daunting task. There are several such companies in every city. Try to find and choose the TOP metal roofing companies in Mississauga in your area that offer quality roof repairs or roof construction.

1. Reviews

Ask potential contractors if they can give you addresses of their completed projects with similar work to be done. You have to see the quality of the work and what to expect from the flat roofing companies Mississauga. It's also necessary to have a few links (social media, testimonials, website, etc.) that you can look up to learn more about the roofing firm.

2. Experience

Many metal roofing companies in Mississauga have been operating on the market for quite a long time (10 years or more). Such organizations can afford to buy more suitable materials and equipment to obtain the position done the most suitable they can. If the company is new to the market, it is likely to attract with a low price, but in the future, it may turn out that the roofing work will be of poor quality, and the materials used to perform it may not be so good.

3. Product quality

Companies that offer a too low price for roofing materials should at least be wary. Do not trust specialists who say they can do all the work at an affordable price. Most likely, the quality of work will be low.

4. Coating quality

The roof covering must be secure. Under any adverse weather conditions, it should not lose its properties. For example, it should not fade, crumble, peel, etc. Current roofing materials are a composition of various nature, which allows you to choose the optimal roof design depending on operating conditions, aesthetic preferences, and material possibilities.

Contemporary technologies for the production of finishing materials metal roofing companies in Mississauga make it possible to produce products that not only perfectly perform their finishing functions but also have heat-insulating and sound-proofing properties.

5. Reliability

It is another significant thing to inspect for roofing crews.

Make sure the specialist you are hiring is authorized to carry out this type of work. The registered activity is proof that the company has the right to provide its services in your region. A reliable roofing contractor also has a fixed address for their business.

6. Securities

Most good metal roofing companies in Mississauga will provide adequate warranties. While roofing materials are generally secured by the manufactory, labor and construction work must be guaranteed by the service provider. Competent contractors will always provide guarantees for their services. With such a team, you get a free repair if there is a problem with the roof after building, restoration, or replacement.

7. Price

Reliable roofing contractors will offer quality services at competitive prices. Avoid any contractor who offers fast and cheap.

Make sure the contractor you hire is reliable and has experience doing this type of work and you will get worth for your capital.

How to Check a Roofing Company in Mississauga?

Finding roofing contractors is the easiest part. Yellow pages or Internet searches can turn up dozens or even hundreds of potential roofers.

Attempting to discover trustworthy, dependable and the Best Roofing companies Mississauga is another challenge. You want to work with a roofer who is experienced and licensed and with a reputation for satisfied customers. However, once you have a checklist of roofers, you must be sure they are qualified and provide the services you need.

Ask former customers

The most important factors when choosing any metal roofing companies in Mississauga include checking the experience, knowledge, and professionalism of potential candidates for the implementation of this service.

You have to study the sites or see photos of previous projects. If possible, you can contact the clients of this company and get the necessary information firsthand. It is also worth checking if the possible roofing contractor has certifications. If so, which ones.

Get recommendations

Before you start looking for a roofing company online, it is worth asking family and friends if they can advise a trusted roofing company themselves. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to confirm professionalism.

A good product and service will always prove to be true in practice. A satisfied client is the best encouragement and confirmation of professionalism. Since this company did a good job and the client is satisfied, then in our case it should be the same. When looking for professionals on the Internet, it is worth reading reviews about specific companies in industry forums.

How to choose the best company in Mississauga in case you have a Roof Emergency?

The requirement for urgent roof repair is one of the most unpleasant circumstances that can arise during the operation of any building.

Most often, emergency repairs are needed to fix leaks. But the condition of the roof depends on many aspects - the "age" of the coating, the frequency of planned work, the impact of atmospheric phenomena.

Emergency roof repair, accordingly, bears such a name because it is necessary for the urgent elimination of various defects that can lead to more serious consequences. And it is necessary to know which flat roofing companies Mississauga you may reach when you require emergency roof repairs.

The main task of specialists who take emergency repairs of the coating is to eliminate defects as quickly as possible without neglecting the quality and reliability of materials. After all, the occurrence of an emergency cannot be foreseen and it is important to choose a company that will take care of all the “urgent” concerns. Work may include the following steps:

  1. Inspection, detection of defects, leaks.

  2. Carrying out urgent sealing, installation of patches, as well as waterproofing leaks.

  3. Drawing up recommendations for the further use of the roof, as well as miscalculating the cost of subsequent roof repairs.

  4. A noteworthy condition when choosing a company in an emergency is, of course, the 24/7 function (after all, trouble can occur at any time of the day or night) and location (the closer it is to your home, the faster work starts).

  5. Another benefit for the company will be the presence of a large number of work materials. The more choice, the more chances to repair everything faster.

Top 10 List Best Roofing Companies in Mississauga

Let's have a look at the Best Roofing companies Mississauga:

  1. Quality Home Roofing

Quality Home Roofing and Remodeling provides customers with quality services for all roofing projects from full roof replacement to the repair of destroyed or cutting tiles. Quality Home Roofing & Remodelling has won a Best of Award Winner 2021, which is an essential factor and shows that it is one of the Best Roofing companies Mississauga.


- qualified and experienced roofing specialists,

- excellent workmanship;

- competitive fair costs;

- top-quality materials;

- reliable reputation;

- open contact.

They show every client a customized and individual method to best fit their requirements and guarantee that the finished work is to their whole satisfaction.

Services include:

- Shingle roof;

- flat roof;

- roof restoration and care;

- attic ventilation and insulation;

- metal and copper;

- skylight installation and repair;

- soffits, fascias, tops;

- siding;

- broad contracting and project administration;

- structural reconstruction, destruction.

2. Bros Roofing

Bros. Roofing has supplied quality roofing assistance since 2002. Over 19 years of roof experience presented you with proficient services. All experts are completely licensed and certified for your ease of mind and joy.

The purpose is to supply the highest levels of workmanship in project performance and even to supply the most suitable potential client experience in the industry. If your roof requires repair or replacement due to age or severe weather, the professional team will accurately assess its state, make relevant product recommendations, and provide the professional craftsmanship required to provide a rate job.

3. Smart Roofing

Smart Roofing Inc. is one of the flat roofing companies Mississauga established in 1995 focused on supplying residential and retail property lessors with the most in roofing grade, section, and roofing safety.

They deliver quality, skilled facility, and service obligations at fair costs. For your safety, they are completely certified, connected, and certified.

4. Alpine Roofing

They specialize in shingle roof restorations.

They are fully licensed and insured with WSIB, and their group of experts is certified and highly experienced roofing experts. They establish bathroom exhaust, repair your vents, and install solar vents.

They afford free assessments and consultations. Emergency roof repair services are obtainable too.

5. Nailed it roofing & construction Inc.

Nailed It Roofing & Construction is a regional roofing service in Mississauga. Their roofing experts are qualified and participated in giving dependable assistance on time. They flatter themselves in providing quality workmanship, finishing each task on time and within the funding.

They even afford manufacturer guarantees and a minimum of ten years to lifetime work guarantee. They present reliable after-sale service all year, putting them apart from their rivals. Free assessments are also known.

6. Toronto Roof Repairs

It specializes in a wide variety of residential and retail roofing services such as Roof repair, Eavestrough and gutter, airflow solutions, roof vent installation, contemporary shingle roofing installation, and more.

Founded in 2012, they have achieved a standing as a quality roofing firm, one client at a time, by supplying value with each roofing job for all your roofing requirements.

7. 123 Roofing

123 Roofing presents a broad spectrum of roofing services developed to accommodate residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

The enterprise has a big group of qualified builders who are competent in working with various roof designs, including flat roofs and sloped roofs.

Aside from presenting roof replacement and repair, 123 Roofing also supplies attic insulation and ventilation, skylight replacement, eaves trough replacement, and emergency assistance.

In addition to that, the services come with a guarantee. Their builders also follow security codes to ensure that each job completes successfully.

8. Coverall Roofing

Coverall Roofing is a team of proficient Torontonian experts who comprehend the city’s weather and atmosphere. Their work is built to last harsh winters as a consequence.

They’re also licensed and certified. That matters because, unlike plumbing, roofing is an unregulated enterprise.

Therefore, it’s important to employ a team that is certified and insured. You wouldn’t like to finish up spending more on restorations for a wimpy roof later.

Another favorable issue about one of the Best Roofing companies Mississauga is, when it comes to cost-efficiency is that Coverall doesn’t have excessive amounts even for business roofing.

9. Cadillacs Roofing

Cadillac’s approach is clear. After you sign them on to manage your project, the first thing they do is protect the rest of your belongings.

Most will be covered with tarps and plywood to save the landscaping and existing components.

Moreover, Cadillac Roofing is a reliable organization that has a reputation for showing that it appreciates its clients.

10. Cherry & Clark Roofing

They contain solid aftercare, founded on what their prior customers tell. Cherry & Clark is known for certified follow-up labor should you ever require restorations.

They have a full-time service unit, prepared to answer even when the smallest problems occur after every project. You don’t have to fear them flaking out on you, and that is clear in how long they’ve been around.

Top 10 List Best flat roofing companies Mississauga

A flat roof is a roof whose slope is less than 3%. The roofs of residential buildings, industrial buildings, exhibition pavilions, and shopping centers mainly fall under this category. Flat roofing companies Mississauga is the answer to your problems.

In general, we can say that large objects fall under the category of flat roofs because it is not advisable to make a slope on the roof of more than 3% for economic reasons. In low-rise construction (private houses and outbuildings), this category can be attributed to non-residential buildings.

Flat roofs are divided into 2 types:

  • Non-exploited (traditional) - used when there is no need to strengthen the roof additionally. The production of work and materials in total is much cheaper than the installation of an exploited flat roof. The heat-insulating layer is located under the waterproofing carpet.

  • Exploited (inversion) - assumes that people and various heavy objects will be on it. In other words, on such a roof, it is possible to arrange: summer cafes, winter gardens, greenhouses, etc. It has become widespread for organizing an additional place of rest in suburban and cottage construction. The main difference from a non-operated roof is that the heat-insulating layer is located above the waterproofing carpet.

Flat roof: what are the advantages

Who cares, but for most representatives of mankind, a flat roof seems unattractive. It is a technical roof that is rarely used in private construction. But despite this, in some cases, it is simply irreplaceable. Why? And this is what we're going to try to figure out and also will observe the best flat roofing companies Mississauga.

The most compelling argument in favor of installing a flat roof is the ability to place a lot of technical equipment on it and at the same time ensures its simple maintenance. These are air conditioning and ventilation systems for private construction, quite a decent recreation area, and even a lawn or a small garden.

Yes, there are also such technologies that make it possible to plant greenery on a flat roof - moreover, you can even make a landing pad for a helicopter on it.

Its installation does not require the creation of a truss structure. Hence, a couple more advantages - a reduction in the estimate for building a house and a relatively simple design, which almost anyone can deal with.

So it turns out that due to its flat surface, this type of roof allows you to increase the useful area of ​​the building, which is of particular importance in densely populated cities. You can place almost anything on it, including a cafe.

List of the flat roofing companies Mississauga that are specialists in flat roof coating:

  1. Quality Home Roofing

  2. Alexim Flat Roofing

  3. The Roof Whisperer

  4. Cadillacs Roofing

  5. Professional Roofers

  6. Dominion Roofing

  7. Timberwolves Roofing and Exteriors

  8. Kingsway Roofing

  9. Flat Roofing Toronto

  10. DVR Roofing

All these companies are leaders in this sphere, but Quality Home Roofing is definitely the leader. Their benefits:

  • Certified Installers.

  • Top-quality materials.

  • Commercial and Residential Installation.

  • Torch Down Roof.

  • TPO.

  • Dec-Tec.

Top 10 List Metal roofing companies in Mississauga

Among the huge variety of roofing coverings, a metal roof on the house is especially popular. This option for arranging the roof has many advantages, the most important of which is reliability. Today, in addition to traditional metal coatings, new types of materials with polymer coatings have appeared. Such coatings not only improve the appearance of the roof but also increase its protective qualities.

Metal roof coverings are profitable, reliable, and beautiful. There is hardly a homeowner today who does not agree with the above statement.

Indeed, it is difficult to find a roofing material that would have better strength characteristics than metal coatings. And thanks to the variety of options, the metal roofs of houses can have the most diverse look, so each homeowner can make his roof covering different from others.

Maintenance of metal roofing

Like any other structure, metal roofing needs regular maintenance. In order to serve for a long time, it is recommended to inspect the coating twice a year to identify defects.

Usually, a roof inspection is planned for mid-spring, when the snow melts and warm weather sets in, and for October-November, that is, in preparation for winter. The purpose of the inspection is the timely detection of defects for their subsequent elimination. In addition, the list of care activities depends on the time of year. Therefore, you need to know the top list of metal roofing companies in Mississauga that you can contact for any issue related to the metal coating of your roof.

The list is:

  1. Quality Home Roofing

  2. Dream Roof

  3. Home building & remodelling resource

  4. Green Metal Roofing And Manufacturing Inc.

  5. Falx LTD

  6. Paramount roofing

  7. Steel roofers Toronto

  8. Vassa Metal Roofing

  9. Mississauga Commercial Roofing

  10. Taminka Metal Roofing

How Can Quality Home Roofing Help You?

For professional roofing jobs in Mississauga and the region, residential and industrial property owners can turn to Quality Home Roofing. It is one of the Best Roofing companies Mississauga leaders and also has a registered roofing activity.

This company is on the top list of flat roofing companies Mississauga and metal roofing companies in Mississauga. Years of experience have brought all the necessary technical base and extensive experience to solve the most complex problems in the installation of roofs and roof repairs.

See the Roofing and OTHER Services section for more information on the services provided. In the Resources section, you can find answers to your questions, as well as information on how to save your money. In the SKYLIGHT section, you will learn about skylight Installation,

Feel free to contact the experts if you have any questions. After clicking on CONTACT US, you will need to fill in your contact details to request a callback. Experts respond quickly to your request and are out to the property as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to hire the Best Roofing Company in Mississauga?

Proper roofing is essential to the construction of any house: that’s why you need to hire a respected regional contractor to manage the project. Lucky for you, the Best Roofing companies Mississauga may regulate everything in that regard, from roof installation to maintenance.

How much you have to spend for a new well-installed roof is established on these eight characteristics:

  • The level of design complexity.

  • Price of selected materials.

  • Labor.

  • Kind of construction.

  • Area in the municipality.

  • Defensive actions.

  • Length of the project (faster turnarounds are more expensive).

  • Contingencies.

Here’s what you can expect paying for a traditional 1800 sq. ft. downtown Toronto home based on standard materials. Labor is included.


Average Cost


Asphalt shingle


15-25 years

Metal roofing


50+ years

Cedar shingle


15-25 years

Slate roofing


75-100 years

Rubber roofing


25+ years

EPDM/TPO (flat)


25-30 years

Elastomeric Membrane (flat)


20-30 years

Asphalt & gravel (flat)


30+ years

Green roof


40-50 years

The cost of installation depends not only on the area of ​​​​the roof but also on the climatic conditions of the region and the complexity of the rafter system. The more complex the roof is conceived, the more complex the frame structure is easy to use.