Metal & Copper

A good working water drainage system (soffit, fascia, eavestroughs) is very important for the overall roofing system of a building to function properly.
Before installing a new roof, the roofing experts at Quality Home Roofing examine all the components of the existing roof, including areas that are particularly prone to leaks and water damage.

Anywhere where the roof joins with walls and chimneys is a potential place for a leak to develop. These are the places where corrosion-resistant metal flashing is applied.

Flashing is a thin metal (usually galvanized steel) that protects these joints which are prone to leaks.

Flashing protects the bases of chimneys, skylights, vents and anywhere where there is a hole made in the roof to install a feature. Flashing keeps things sealed while allowing for expansion and contraction with temperature and humidity changes. Installed properly, flashing directs water away from the inside of the structure.

An important area to pay attention to is the area around the chimney where the chimney masonry meets the sloped surface of the roof. Leaking often occurs in the vicinity of the chimney and manifests itself as water-stained ceiling areas in upstairs rooms.

If the existing flashing is missing, rusted or covered with a sealant which indicates previous leaking issues, new chimney flashing should definitely be installed after the new shingle installation has been completed. Installing new chimney flashing involves precise measuring, cutting and bending of sheet metal to fit it properly and exactly around the perimeter of the chimney.

Types of flashing: step flashing, counter flashing, drip edge (along the edge of a roof deck), flashings against sidewalls and vertical front walls, flashings around vent pipes and ventilators, flashings around chimneys & valley flashing which protects the valley where two roof planes intersect.

Metal parapet capping and wall cladding is installed to protect a parapet or perimeter wall from water infiltration, to ensure that water does not enter a wall through open coping joints and to reduce the amount of water running down the exterior wall of the building.

The top surface of a parapet wall along the sides of a flat roof must be waterproof and have a good slope to ensure proper drainage, prevent moisture deterioration of the wall and protect from environmental stressors.

Copper & Specialty Metal Work:

Copper is a popular material for metal roofs with difficult shapes.

Quality Home Roofing has the expertise to create custom standing seam copper work for your bay and bow windows, turrets, cupolas, front door roof overhangs, awnings and any other specialized application required.

Soffit, Fascia, Eavestroughs:

A good working water drainage system (soffit, fascia and eavestroughs) is very important for the overall roofing system of a building to function properly.

Upon completion of any roofing work, we ensure that all loose debris is removed from the roof and eavestroughs. We will repair your existing eavestrough if necessary, or ensure that eavestroughs are replaced and installed properly. We will inspect your fascia and soffits and suggest repairs and replacements as necessary.

John In Burlington
The house I own downtown Toronto has a very sharp edgy roof. I had a few quotations, many of them declined doing the job because it was too complicated, and those who agreed asked for over 20000 dollars. Then I discovered this company and was very satisfied with the high quality work that was done. It was done fast and efficiently, and they have done more than expected. They covered with a sheet metal a brick wall that was chipping away and had a lot of damage which was not asked from them, but they have done it anyway. I'm really satisfied and I recommend this company to everyone.
Bremner Construction In Toronto
I am a custom home builder and general contractor in the Oakville/Burlington area. We have been working Quality Home Roofing for a number of years. The owner YURIY and his team provide exceptional workmanship and service. 2 weeks ago a customer of mine had skylight and roof problems after the heavy winds/rain. YURIY and his team were quick to help and solve the problem for me. Great workmanship, excellent service at a fair price. Thanks YURIY. Cheers, Jamie.
Mary In Downtown Toronto
Several years ago, I bought an older home in midtown Toronto that I discovered had hidden roofing damage when my bedroom roof began to leak. After working with a larger roofing company that charged for a repair but did not resolve the problem, I found Yuriy and his company through a referral from a friend. Yuriy investigated the issue, suggested various solutions, and recommended a plan that fit my budget and timeline. His experience and care in helping me decide the best course of action and the best materials for a quality job that would last were invaluable. He and his team were always on t…
Mika Gembatiuk
Yuriy and his team are trustworthy, meticulous in their work and very professional! We have had both our cottage and home roof replaced by Quality Home. Yuriy addressed the issues, explained the proposed work very clearly, ensured that the proper ventilation requirements were met and provided expert advice on materials and aesthetic details. I have and will continue to recommend Quality Home Roofing to others.
Kevin Stoute
Roof shingle - Emergency Noticed water on the interior of my patio door. Called and within two days their team was at my door early morning and within 2 hours a new roof was installed. Quality work and professionalism. Very clean workers and attention to details. Thank you Yuriy and your team.
Jason Cedrone
I had a few dozen of shingles Blown off my roof from this past winter. Yuriy and his team came over the same day I called - even though it was not a huge job. Plus Yuriy said he would be here at 4pm and he was! thanks Guys, I appreciate it and will definitely call again.
Christine Kowalyk
Our new flat roof and evestrophes were done by The Quality Home roofing team and no problems at all! Great job, completed on time and within budget. Real customer service. Thanks for keeping us dry...I will use Quality Home Roofing next time we need a new roof! Highly recommended.
Chris Holdham
My roof is steep and not easily accessible and there are various small areas (porch, bay window etc.) that also need shingles – two days minimum required. Yuriy responded quickly with an estimate and when the weather allowed, he and his team arrived promptly. They were hard workers, quick and professional and they paid great attention to detail. They were careful with the surrounding garden, and left the site clean and tidy. I am very pleased the work I had done, and I have no hesitation in giving Quality Home Remodeling the highest of recommendations. Thank you, Yuriy and your crew, for a gre…
Stephan Trusevych
Really happy with Yuriy and his team. The roof looks great and was done quickly, but most importantly (for me) the guys were careful with removal of the old roof and shingles. They laid out tarps to protect the deck, walkway, and plants, and cleaned up very well afterwards. They really took care. I will be recommending them to my neighbors.
John Kalenteris
Yuriy the Owner of Quality Home Roofing and Remodeling was very professional, he removed and replaced a 500 square foot flat roof I have over my garage studio. It was a 3 day job in gruelling summer heat, he used high quality mod bit torch down materials that will last 20-30 years. I am very happy at how he paid attention to every last detail. The clean up was immaculate, as if the job never happedned . I am impressed and satisfied with the end result. I would recommend Quality Home Roofing to any one looking for a professional job that is seamless and stress free. Thank you Yuriy and the team…
Jillian McKinley
Yuriy and his team are fantastic and have a great track record! He went above and beyond to help us pick the right shingles/colour for our house, venting our kitchen and bathroom properly and tarping all around the house. They just finished our roof in one day, it looks great and they cleaned up well. I highly recommend them.
Yuriy provided a very reasonable estimate of the roof replacement, including chimney removal. He didn’t try to expand the scope of work beyond what was necessary or try to up-sell me to features that I didn’t need. Communication to arrange the estimate appointment, written estimate and subsequent job completion was excellent, courtesy of Bozhena, his very amiable and efficient office manager. Showed up on time with his crew to complete the job in one day. Protected the surrounding areas of our property at the start and cleaned up completely afterwards. Assuming I won’t have any more leaks afte…



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