Asphalt shingles are one of the most common and popular roofing materials used in Canada and have been used on homes since the early 1900’s. Since that time, leading shingle manufacturers have been continually improving asphalt roofing products through their research and manufacturing efforts. As a result, asphalt shingle roofs are rugged, attractive, versatile and a great value. Asphalt shingles come in a wide variety of colors, designer styles and weights.

Quality Home Roofing uses premium quality shingles and accessories which provide a high level of protection and durability, great value and excellent manufacturer’s warranties.

The principle behind shingling is to keep water moving down sloped roofs until it runs off and away from the house. Water runs most efficiently off of a steep roof. The lower the slope of the roof, the more risk there is that water can back up under the shingles and cause leaking.
To reduce this risk on lower sloped roofs, it is important to apply shingle underlayment beneath the shingles. Underlayment covers the whole roof surface, keeps the roof decking dry until the shingles can be installed, adds another layer of protection for the roof decking and prolongs the life of the shingles and the whole roof installation.

Quality Home Roofing will inspect your roof thoroughly and provide realistic, honest advice as to whether a roof replacement is necessary. Each project is assessed according to the condition of the existing roof and the specific needs, requirements and budget of the client.

Before any removal of shingles, the surrounding grounds of the building are covered with tarps and plywood to protect them from damage and dirt. A dumpster is placed conveniently to allow for all garbage to be collected and taken away. All existing old shingles are then torn off (starting from the peak), removed from the roof and into the dumpster. Upon completion of the work, Quality Home will clean the roof and gutters, remove all construction debris, clean up the job site and use a magnetic sweeper and air blower to ensure that no loose nails or metal pieces are left behind. Utmost care is taken to prevent damage to plant material, sod and paved areas around the home.


Quality Home Roofing has been specializing in installing and repairing both commercial and residential flat roofs for many years. Our flat roof installers have completed the required professional flat roof installation training programs and are certified and qualified to properly
install your flat roof according to the manufacturer’s exact specifications.
We provide expert and honest advice as to whether your flat roof needs to be replaced or can be repaired.
Proper installation of a flat roof requires experienced professional installers and utmost attention to detail. Our flat roofing professionals pay particular attention to ensure that drains are properly installed, all areas around drains, all roof edges and gutters and any areas around protrusions on the roof are properly sealed and finished. This will avoid potential future problems with water pooling, leakage and the resulting damage to the roof structure and the interior of the home which can happen as a result of improper installation or poor maintenance. We use the highest quality of materials to assure the longest possible roof life expectancy for your flat roof.
Regular service and maintenance are extremely important in prolonging the life of a flat roof and making sure that future problems are averted. Drains should be checked and cleaned in the fall and spring to make sure that they are not blocked with debris – leaves or other plant material which falls or blows off trees.
Our experts specialize in both commercial and residential flat roof installation and will install a flat roof according to your needs and preference.
Modified Bitumen or Torch Down Roof is is tough and tear resistant, made from asphalt and a variety of rubber modifiers and solvents. In a heat application process the seams are heated to melt the asphalt together and create a waterproof seal. Modified bitumen roof systems can be installed with the common torch method, asphalts, or cold adhesives. A standard SBS modified bitumen roof system is a two-ply waterproof system applied in rolls that overlap the edge of the previous roll. It is very curable, weather resistant, easy to repair and flexible (expands and contracts without melting or cracking). It has a high tolerance for both heat and cold and the extreme temperature fluctuations which occur during our seasonal changes and therefore proven to be a very good solution for flat roofs in Canada.
TPO – a single-ply roofing membrane that covers the surface of the roof and is a blend of a few different types of rubber. This type of roofing is white on top, which can help to reflect the sun’s light and stop heat buildup within the building. It can be attached with adhesives or fastened directly to the roof deck. It can also be heat welded in places around chimneys and other protrusions. TPO resists corrosion and break down and doesn’t promote mildew or
algae growth.
Dec-Tec provides durable waterproof roofing solutions for decks, balconies, and other exterior surface applications. The Dec-Tec membrane is available in natural stone or wood patterns and colours to compliment any decor style. Dec-Tec Coolstep line provides increased solar reflection for a cooler surface in exposed full sun areas.

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